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I feel like I am clueless, however we are desperately trying for a baby. We are both a little older now but have an almost 3 year old, which took a while. We have been trying now for over a year and it’s just not happening… What are the tips? Currently I am trying the don’t stress and it’ll happen when it happens… but as you can see from this post I am stressing! Please help. I feel heartbroken 💔
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Have you gone to your GP as I think you can when you've been trying over a year? Tips would be look up the SMEP method if you aren't already doing it. Supplements, so I took pregnacare conception and myo-inositol which I think helped me. Are you ovulation testing?

I would both go to your respective GPs and ask for tests since you’ve been trying over a year. Do you have regular periods? Do you track ovulation - I.e BBT?

@Tanya we are just going with the flow and haven’t put any pressure on it, but I think it’s time to start. I think I will look into taking some supplements! And I have no idea how to actually test my ovulation because I see people say you must do it 3-4 times a day.. from day 4 of your cycle? I tried but I always got two lines.

@Amy My GP won’t help because we already have one child together and one each from a previous relationship. I do have regular periods this month I was a whole week late tho so I was certain I was pregnant, but nope! :( What is BBT?

No you don't have to ovulation test that often, once a day or some people do twice in case they have a rapid surge and miss it. Depends how long your cycles are, most people start testing around day 7. Also download the premom app to scan in your tests it will help you identify your peak, the darkest test line you get. Then most people assume you ovulate the next day. There are supplements for men too but I didn't look into those, could be worth a try.

Your GP is still obligated to provide basic testing to see if there are any issues, fertility wise. It’s IVF that you wouldn’t be eligible for (due to you having previous children), but you are eligible for testing. BBT is body basal temp. You take your temp at the same time each morning, just after you wake, before you move around. It pinpoints ovulation for you. It’s normal to get 2 lines on an OPK test- you are looking for the test line being stronger than the control line. It might be worth reading about ovulation and tracking.

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