Does anyone have one of the days where you don't want to do anything

I'm having a hard time trying to get house cleaning done because I'm always waking up late because he is sleeping longer and I try to sleep when he does but I have to do laundry and other stuff. I just feel exhausted and tired I need help doesn't anyone go though the same thing.
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You are definitely not alone! Prioritizing sleep is so important! One thing I've learned is that my house doesn't have to be spotless, just safe and functional for us!

@Chrystal true I just try to get everything done when I can because I feel trapped when he is sleeping because he is sleeping in my arms when he is taking a nap if I put him down or move he wake up

@Selena gotcha! I totally get that! How old is he?

@Chrystal 6 months old

@Selena ah it's a good time to start gentle sleep training! Put them to be super drowsy, but awake. Maybe get a light show that plays lullabies. My toddler lived on that when we put her in her crib! She used this and LOVED it, wouldn't go to sleep without it being on! VTech Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo, Plush Baby Crib Toy Now we use this since she's 2 now and in a Montessori bed Rossetta Star Projector, Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Bluetooth Speaker and White Noise Aurora Projector, Night Light Projector for Kids Adults Gaming Room, Home Theater, Ceiling, Room Decor

@Chrystal Thanks, I put music on for him but then he gets nightmares and screams bloody murder I jump out of bed so it doesn't wake nobody up.

@Selena I get that! Just remember just like everything we do, it takes time to get used to. I had to pat her butt and whisper gently and make the shushing noise but I didn't pick her up unless she was completely inconsolable. Then I'd put her right back in there

@Chrystal Thank you I will have to try that

@Chrystal I second this, this exact hippo sound machine tremendously helped my daughter sleep train when she was younger!

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