Pain at night

28 weeks and everything I try to lay on my side. It hurts like he'll. Is this normal? Any tips or tricks to help
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I’m 28 weeks and also experiencing similar! If you haven’t already, I suggest investing in a pregnancy pillow (~$30) on Amazon. It has helped me a little, and definitely makes getting comfortable a little easier!

I'm 27 weeks and sleeping through the night has gotten worse. Constantly turning side to side even with a pregnancy pillow :(

It doesn’t get better. Once you feel like the night time is getting better you’ll get acid reflux & insomnia to keep you up OR the Braxton hicks!

I was struggling to get comfortable and have been using kinesiology tape to hold my belly and it has helped a lot. It in combination with a pregnancy pillow wedge has been doing the trick for the most part

I'm 27 weeks and having the same issues. I have a huge pregnancy pillow that used to help until a few weeks ago. Now I just toss and turn because my hips are always hurting and if it's not that it's acid reflux or insomnia or I can't find a position for my belly to be comfortable. Unfortunately I heard it only gets worse until delivery time. My doctor says that the not being able to sleep is the universes sick way of preparing us for the baby's arrival when we won't be sleeping because of having a new born. It's preparing us to be tired and function. 😂

I literally sleep sitting up at a slight leaning angle with a pillow under one hip or the other. I still toss side to side but have found sitting up helps with a lot of the issues.

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