Oh no have I done bad

Just found out im pregnant and not only pregnant, i'm 11weeks! Had no idea and I've been drinking and smoking some, very little pot in that time and hot tub several times. Im freaking out. Im worried I've done damage or the baby will have problems. Anyone else experience this or can provide reassurance.
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Hey, all you can do is do the best you can from now. You just found out so you couldn't have done anything about it beforehand. So take a deep breath and behave now haha xx

The standard advice is to just stop when you find out. There is nothing you can do about what happened beforehand, no point in worrying over it. Start taking prenatal vitamins if you haven't already, eat well and cut out drinking / smoking (as best you can). It happens to lots of women every day. Try not to stress 💜

I think as long as you haven't been drinking and smoking in excess every day then the risk is minimal. I got pretty drunk before I found out I was pregnant with my first. Everything was fine

I took gummies up until I found out I was pregnant with my LO around 12 weeks. I have PCOS, so irregular periods were super normal for me. He’s perfectly fine! :)

Thanks ladies. this has definitely helped. I over think all the time which i'm working on minamising. You're right as long as I stop now. thank you all 🙏

I personally know two ladies that drank and smoked while pregnant. One actually didn’t know she was pregnant until she went into labor. The other one unfortunately chose to do it for the first almost 3 months. Both babies thankfully were healthy and no issues. Just be sure to take prenatal. Hydrate enough that your urine is clear to light yellow. Eat healthy! Try to exercise at least 30 mins daily as well for good blood flow. Brisk walking is great.

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