Birth partners stay over in winch?

Does anyone know if birth partners can stay overnight on the postnatal ward once baby has been born? Thanks
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I gave birth February 2023 and my partner was not aloud, however we had covid so not sure if that influenced why not, but i believe my sister in laws sister in staying winchester and her partner is staying with her on ward, but her baby is on neonatal so dont know if thats why xx

I asked at PAH whether they were allowed there and they said ‘No sorry. We know they are at Winchester and are looking to change policy’ so think they might be. You could possibly reach out to the ward, or the labour ward as they should know, on socials? PAH socials were very active and i got so many questions answered that way 💕

I had a csection in winch in Aug 23 and my partner was allowed to stay with me overnight after I had given birth in the afternoon. Be warned he was only allowed a chair even though the ward was empty. He wasn't even offered a cup of tea when they came round to offer me one. I stupidly refused mine so I should have said yes and given it to him. Try and get a reclining chair in your cubicle, it's a bit more comfy for your partner. The space is very tight in there though with you, baby, chair and other equipment. But I would have struggled without him so he suffered for me :) x

I gave birth in September just gone and yes they can! My partner stayed from the moment I was admitted to when I was discharged. Straightforward pregnancy with a 3 day stay afterwards

@Katie there is a tea and coffee station the dads can use to make their own, clearly don't mention it much though

I had a baby in May 2023, my partner didn't stay but all the other mums had their partners all night, so it was clearly allowed for us. We were on the postnatal ward but I was a planned c-section so not sure if that makes any difference.

I gave birth in Winchester 11 days ago and birth partners are allowed at all times however must sleep in awful little chairs and there isn’t much room. My partner stayed with me the first two nights and then went home each night after that to get some sleep x

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