First chilli Con carne a success

Highly recommend the What Mummy makes book for anyone doing BLW. Some great recipes for the whole family & it's making Mummy & Daddy more adventurous as well ♡
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Aww look at her tucking into that! I might try lasagne as well. We are on week 4. So much easier them eating what we make isn't it?! Is your little girl very independent? Ours will steal the cutlery of us if we remotely help to load some stuff for her. What cutlery are you using here? Looks good.

PandaEar 6 Pack Silicone Baby Spoons and Fork Feeding Set- Anti-Choke First Self Feeding Utensils for Baby Led Weaning Ages 3 Months -Pink That's the cutlery, yes she is very much little miss independent and won't let us feed her, she takes the spoon and is very good at doing it herself, I'm thankful for that since it means I get to eat my dinner at the same time with the family instead of feeding her 😊

Girls how long did it take for your little ones to actually start eating with BLW? We’ve been doing it a week and half as he was only 6 months last Friday and he barely puts the food to his mouth 🙈 he picks it up, looks at it, pokes it but he did suck/lick his toast fingers and carrots. BLW is new to me as with my eldest 8 years ago we did purées and slowly moved to chunkier food xx

@Laura I read this evening it can take up to 8-9 month (age) up to a year before they properly eat food. My LO varies, some things she eats the full thing, others she just plays with it, all completely normal :)

@Hayley ah that’s fab thank you ☺️ I’ll just let him go at his own pace then ☺️ he enjoys meal time and is always at the table with us and loves watching us eat. Am sure he’ll get there in his own time 🤞

@Laura their main source of food comes from milk until their one anyway, so it's not so much about the eating, more about exploring and learning at the moment. By the age of 1, they need to have 3 meals and 2 snacks. But every child will be different about how long it took to get there, some babies will get onto it quickly, others can take the whole year ❤️

@Emily brilliant thank you ☺️ this LO is definitely a slow burner with eating lol 🤣

Can I ask how you ladies deal with salt intake if your LO is eating what you’re eating x

Everything I make is from scratch so no packets or jars so I can control it that way. You can also get salt free stock cubes which I get :)

@Stephanie Gambino I always was big on seasoning, now I season like normal apart from salt but serve her food then add salt after, I also home cook everything so no jars etc x

Okay perfect! Thanks so much ❤️❤️

That's what I was going to say as well everything gets seasoned apart from salt etc. So like that chilli I did last night I followed the recipe and portioned up hers then I added chilli flakes to ours etc to give it a bit of spice :)

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