When did your baby start to say words

Hi all what age did your babies begin to talk? My little boy is 15 months and still not saying anything but sometimes it does sound like mumma or I am must imagining it 🙃😂 should I be worried? Xx
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My little boy says hiya, bye, nana, dog, dada (even though we are a 2 mum family 🤣), cat, that, etc and he's just turned 15 months but I've worked with so many kiddos of that age and it's a complete mixed bag! He will get it when he gets it ❤️❤️

My son only says mama, dada, baba and nana sometimes within context. He’s attempted to say shut and dirty and other random words but hasn’t understood what they mean x

My son says mama and uh oh and makes a lot of noise but nothing else even close to a word. I think he’ll get there in his own time and I’m not worried about it - we talk to him and around him all the time and read tonnes of books so we’re doing the right things, just some take longer than others to get it 😊 I do think once he starts talking he won’t shut up though 😂

Little one is 15 months today and can say mama, dada, nana, dog, cat (only my mum has heard this) and dat (for what’s that when she’s pointing). She understands much more and can point to lots of body parts and collect the animals from her felt mat that I ask for etc. I just think they are all so different and will do it in their own time x

They all just do it at their own pace don't worry. I have twins and my girl has been saying so many words since around 12/13 months and just says new ones everyday they're now 15 months and only in the last week or 2 has her twin brother started saying a few words. He's just come on all of a sudden. We just always make sure we talk to them and read and stuff, but don't worry it will come ☺️

My little one says gan gan (grandad), dada, and car in context. Still no Mama/Mummy 🙄😂 however he can do a few animal noises when asked ‘what does the cow say’ etc. these are very recent developments so I’m hoping it means he may start saying more soon. I’m so eager to hear his little voice but it will be worth the wait I’m sure!

My girl only says dada and mama but she signs a lot so she communicates that way

My little girl says dada , cake, oh wow. She’s nearly 14.5 months. She understands a lot more than she says. She can sign for finished x

My son doesn’t really say any words but has a good understanding. I think one day he’ll just speak. Don’t worry. They’ll get there in their own time x

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