Does anyone know what this could be? It's been there since last Thursday. It began when it started to get warm but I thought it would have eased off by now with the last few days it being quite rainy and dull. Originally I thought maybe a heat rash but now I am not sure. Photo In comments of another one that has appeared on her neck. It's only on her belly, neck and what is pictures below
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Going with experience with my LO she had a rash very similar and it was a viral rash, is little one unwell? I'd take them to the doctors just to make sure though, x

@Taylor she seems okay in herself eating fine and playing but she is more sensitive than usual crying allot more when she can't do stuff but I'm not sure if that's just her having tantrums x

@Taylor what do you doctors do for a viral rash?

My daughter had something that looked like that also and I googled it.. it wasn’t making her unwell or anything and I saw it after she was crying because she was hot.. my theory is heat bumps.. it usually goes away on its own after a few days or after a nice bath :)

@Emily Absolutely nothing, just have to sort of see it out but depends how old baby is and if they are unwell. I would still get it checked out I'm no expert!

My baby had similar rash from medicine he was taking from ear infection.

The front pic looks like heat rash. My little boy got a tiny one even though we dressed him really nice and cool

My baby has this too it’s just a viral rash and can come on when they haven’t been or aren’t very well xx

Looks like heat rash

Please get a diagnosis from a doctor, there’s only so much people here can advise via photos and no medical history of your child.

Little update, I took her to the doctor's and they don't know why she has a rash (great help) but they have crossed off measles and chicken pox :) they have given her some cream to see if it helps ease it for a week

I used the aveeno dermaplex ointment and it cleared my baby’s rash up! So maybe give that a try?

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