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I am struggling. Baby girls latch is poor and no matter how many times I take my nipples out of her mouth to readjust and get the proper latch so that way I’m not hurting, she manages to slide back down on my nipple. She’s also to the point of wanting to comfort suck and that hurts just as much.. I have a Wic appointment today and plan on seeing the LC there but someone please tell me we can correct this? When she was first born, her latch was great. I don’t know if it’s a mix of pumping and latching her that’s causing me to hurt but I don’t want to give up but the pain isn’t worth it if we can’t fix her latch. 🥲 Also, we tried a nipple shield, it’s too big for her mouth and chokes on the nipple part of it.
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It does get better the more you practice! I was in the same boat. My nipples were hurting so bad they were peeling off and bleeding. It was bad for a couple days but I got the silverettes and they helped me! And eventually things got better. I changed the feeding position to the football hold to get him facing my nipple properly and he started having a better latch. And babies are so smart after he started latching better I guess the milk flow became better for him as well and now he re-latches himself whenever it starts off bad and we have a great experience together. I hope things get better for you! I had a lot of support and help in this process so definitely ask questions and reach out whenever!

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