How many due dates have you had?

Just wondering how many have had big changes in due dates since first appointment to now? When it was just my regular OB my due date was September 9. Now that I see a MFM every two weeks I saw today they have my Due date as August 22, and was told based on how this pregnancy is going probably being sectioned at 38 weeks so middle August in the teens. Just wondering other people's due date changes.
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I have had mine changed to They changed my due date 3 times the first one was September 20th then the 16th now my due date is set on the 12th they said it’s because she’s measuring further along than they expected

I had mine changed from October 4th to September 26th.

My midwife doesn’t change due dates. She says the first ultrasound doesn’t lie. All babies grow at different rates and change sizes all the time. Due dates are a ballpark estimated date anyway so to change it all the time is pointless according to her. The baby will come when the baby wants to come regardless of where the baby is measuring on the charts.

My due date was august 20th, I thought I was 26 weeks and today I was told my scan the other day showed baby measuring at 21 weeks. So now I’m due mid September, was a little disappointed that my due date is further away but at least I know now

It changed twice. August 28th to September 9th

Twice. September 14 to September 7. ( They started calculating by his growth instead of last day of period.)

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