Headaches every day..

Every day for the past 4 days, I keep getting headaches in the evening. Won’t go away with paracetamol and are just outright annoying. I know headaches are a common pregnancy symptom but also could indicate preeclampsia.. However, from what I’ve read the headaches would be severe? They’re painful but not like agonising. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel dramatic ringing triage for a headache 🤦🏻‍♀️
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It could be for lots of reasons... our vision changes too in pregnancy so could be that, could be dehydration, could be a vitamin or mineral low, stress, being tired? In my first pregnancy I was seen for it and they asked about the nature of the headaches etc... it's good to check! 😘

You need to ring triage my dear. It's one of the things they say, headaches especially when they don't get better with pain meds... Triage. It could be your blood pressure. You need to get checked out asap (not everyone with preeclampsia gets headaches)

I would recommend phoning triage as I had the same thing for a week. They gave me dihydrocodeine which helped as nothing else was helping. It can be due to hormones, stress or other factors but it’s always better to get it checked x

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