I never have no social battery because my social battery is drained because I’m a single parent with no support. It’s so draining just being alone all the time with my son. I miss being left alone & the silence. I constantly have a headache and I’m constantly irritated by my child.
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The struggle is real! Try to find a few moments to rest and recharge at nap time. Also what helped me the most with patience was putting myself in my child shoes so to speak. How old is your kid? Having a headache constantly isn't normal though. You might want to address that. Hang in there mama, things will get better! ❤

I'm so sorry. Have you looked into the loop ear plugs? They dim the sound so you don't get so overstimulated by it. When I feel like you do, I do some self care. For me it's usually a hot bath with a bath bomb, candles lit, and a podcast/music/ or a book. Sometimes I stay in there so long I have to rewarm the water. It's so nice to relax after the child(ren) go to bed!

I realized this was part of my problem 2 weeks ago. I got some beats headphones and they are heavenly. I feel like the world around me is frozen. I paid a babysitter to come on a saturday night and i went to the mall. I have 5 kids and my husbands away at school until August.

@Anna my son is 3 so he don’t have naps anymore 😔. &thabk you ❤️

@Chrystal yeah I have airpod pros & yeah I do that sometimes but he wakes up a lot when he’s gone to bed

Have you spoke to any of your friends to see if they would help. Out for a few hours to give you a brake ?

Right that's why I like the loop ear plugs, they aren't headphones, they are just noise reducing ear plugs! They even have ones called loop switch, which has all 3 settings in one pair of ear plugs!

@Ashley I only have one friend & I ask her but it just seems like she can never be bothered or it seems like she doesn’t wanna help if it means coming out her house

I'm not sure where you are located... Here in the USA, we have a non profit called Hot Mess Express. It's ran by mothers in different areas of the US, I think we might have a Canada chapter too... If you are in the US, you can see if there is a chapter in your area and see if they can maybe help watch the 3 year old whole you soak in the hot bath or something around the house, even a nap! You can look into it at www.hotmessexpress.co

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