TMI but…

I’ve been pooping nonstop all day, 31 weeks today. I googled it and it said that is the body getting ready for labor…um. Is it not too early? Also the back pain, Braxton hicks, pressure in my cervix, and insomnia has started recently as well. I want to keep her in until at least 35 weeks…am I gonna go into labor soon & if so how do I stop it?
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Insomnia has hit me too!

Are you having diarrhea or loose stools? Or just constant solid BMs? I had this a few days ago where I pooped like 3-4 times in one day which isn't normal for me but they were all solid. I'm dealing with the insomnia, back pains and pressure as well but my cervical check on Tuesday showed I'm not at all dilated. I'm almost 33wks carrying twins!

I’ve been having the same issue for 2.5/3 weeks, I see midwive on Thursday hopefully they can give me an answer.

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