What do you put on your babies scratches so it doesn’t leave a mark? My baby is 9 months and she scratched her face this morning. It’s like the size of my pinky😭
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Nothing. It’ll go down in a couple of days. ☺️ Mine did this loads and she has no marks. Just made sure her nails were short! X

@Caitlin she hasn’t scratched her self in so long I forgot what to do😂 I’m just here panicking like one her precious face😭. She fights me when I try to trim her nails so I usually do it when she’s sleep. Seems like they grow back every day lol

Babies bodies heal very quickly. My baby has scratched herself loads and she has never left a mark. Coconut oil may help if you are really worried as I always put coconut oil on my baby after a bath - she loves it. I just make sure to cut her nails every few days because they grow so quickly. I also feel like I cut my babies nails and the next day they are long again 😂 But don’t stress, it shouldn’t leave a mark! x

Nothing. It went after few weeks

Nothing. It will disappear in no time xx

I put tubby todd all over ointment

@Sadie Ty🩷🩷

@Tayya I lost mine in the house somewhere. I’ve been debating about buying some more.

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