Does anyone know what this might be? My little one is 5 month old tomorrow and has started with this- she’s been crying on and off all day she’s not drinking her full bottle and what she does drink she’s throwing it back up
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Have you done the glass test? It could be just a viral rash but if you’re worried ring 111. X

Ive done that an it does disappear! I gave her calpol before she’s perked up abit but the rash is still there x

My little one has come out in a rash today too! On her belly and back Took her to the pharmacy and she said she thinks it’s viral (she’s recently had a cold) and not to worry unless she becomes floppy/lethargic

@Megan yeah this came out today aswell I’ll keep an eye on her didn’t wanna go the doctors or anywhere cos I’m scared they will shout at me for wasting time 🙄my little one has had a bit of a cough and snotty nose! Gonna keep an eye on her tonight and see what’s what tomorrow

@Lizzie don’t ever feel like you are wasting anyones time, im on number 7 and had him in old swan walk in at mudnight last night as hes off his feeds. Xx best to be save than sorry is my motto. Xx

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