Is anyone else also having one of ✨️those✨️ days? Could not think of a better title other than 'sigh' 😅
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Yep, not being the mum I wanna be today AT ALL but in my defence I am being tested 🤣

Yep. We usually do family dinner but I just made food for my daughter, hubby got home just as I got her in her high chair and I just left and fell asleep on the sofa and he finished dinner and bed 🙈

Yep 😂 my daughter has stopped sleeping at night, can’t remember last time I washed my hair and my hubby is getting on my last nerve 😂

Oh yes! My daughter currently has the patience of a chimp waiting for a banana 🤦‍♀️ has decided meal time is no longer a thing and gets all of her nutients from one strawberry and oxygen apparently. Oh and who's new favourite word is 'no' and uses it. with. EVERYTHING! 😅 and if i have the audacity to take something away from her or move her when she doesnt want to be moved god help me. She's a little dictator right now. Me and my husband call her Vladimir Poopin 💩

@Tasha Vladimir Poopin was funny 😂

Is it really bad of me to be glad that I am not the only one? 🤣🤣

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