Sorry, I know this has probably already been mentioned but I can't find the post...is it normal to have one foot more swollen than the other?! I don't have huge swelling in hands or anywhere else. Have occasionally had funny vision but blood pressure has always been okay so midwife isn't concerned. However, I am just a bit worried as the last 2 days my left foot has been more swollen than the other and elevating it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I am 35 + 4 and still working as a teacher so on my feet quite a bit in the day but resting when I am at home.
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I'm 35 + 2 and ever since last week I've had the same, swelling in both feet but since the weekend the left foot is much more swollen than the right. Also not sure if it's normal or not, but feel a bit more reassured that I'm not the only one 😂

I'm the same left foot more swollen that the right, try foot massages when possible to relieve pressure

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