Nausea remedies!

Hey ladies so I shared a while back something that has helped my nausea which are the freeze dried skittles. They still work however I found a new remedy lol. So I wanted some candy and couldn’t find any well I had some cough drops because I have been dealing with some nasal blockages and it helps open me up. I tried two and the nausea left. I don’t even know if I can have those but it really worked so just thought I’d share. I pray you ladies are getting through the first trimester well 🙏🏽
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I've discovered sour REALLY helps me. I bought some lemons and squeezed the juice and keep it in a small container... just a couple spoon fulls help the nausea go away

I swear by sour skittles!

Swear any sour candy helps me thankfully

Sour anything really helps so much !! have you all tried the unison + b6 combo also ? My nausea has been not so bad I’m throwing up constantly but bad enough that I haven’t slept more than 2-3 hrs a night (& only in morning for some reason it’s like the baby is on a whole another time zone 🥲) since very early March when the symptoms started to get bad (I’m 12 weeks & some days) Unison is technically a sleep aid so it should help with both but at this point I have to retrain myself to sleep when it’s nighttime here

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