Looking to see if anyone is in the same boat? My baby boy is 5 weeks old and formula fed, taking 5oz bottles and is a hungry boy. The past 4-5 days he has been projectile vomiting after every bottle, has now not opened his bowels for 2 days but is crying after every bottle, scrunching his legs up and being very fussy. Any help or advice is much appreciated, I feel like I can’t do anything right for him 😭😭
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Sounds like he’s got reflux 😭 doctors can prescribe different medication for it and usually start with infant gaviscon sachets which you put in each bottle. Other alternative is he may have been going through a growth spurt when he was taking 5ozs and may no longer need that much, might be worth reducing to 4ozs and seeing if that makes a difference? X

Same happened with us, thought it’s reflux, then slowed down feeding, and it just turned out we overfed our little girl, as she kept refusing the last bit of the formula and since then she is much better, barely any vomiting.

My little one was like this, still is sometimes but now a lot better. We use infacol and gripe water to help with wind maybe once a day (infacol before every feed). Massage his belly and do the bicycle legs to get him to pass wind. I use kendamil and also use kendamil baby drops that help with gut health

@Karis my only problem with him being prescribed gaviscon is that gavsicon makes baby’s really constipated and when we already have that issue, it’s battling one problem and being faced with another 😭

It might be a lactose thing . My baby was the same. Arching back, scrunching legs up , pushing bottle away and crying for it back . Terrible wind … constipation for two days and then a really uncomfortable bowel movement . Thought it was colic so using infacol before feeds . Hard to say if it’s helping much but I have changed to comfort Kendamil so will see if it makes a difference

@Megan it is a bloody side effect but doesn’t affect all babies, in some cases however it actually acts as a laxative as it contains magnesium. Other thing it could be is a lactose intolerance as symptoms are similar to reflux but usually poo is slightly green with lactose intolerance. Sorry not very helpful! X

@Karis I’m aware of it being a side effect, a very common side effect at that, working in a healthcare background I’m well aware that side effects don’t affect everyone, so I’d rather that you weren’t rude about it just being ‘a bloody side effect’. A distressing enough time until I can get my GP in the morning and thought I’d come here for some advice. Already feel helpless enough without being made to feel worse.

@Megan I wasn’t being rude 😂 wow, I was offering advice, as someone close to me is a reflux specialist of 20 years - hence I was giving you hope that it doesn’t effect every baby and may not effect yours, but I can see it’s a touchy subject so won’t offer any further help 👍🏽

If it’s projectile vomiting after every feed you should speak to your GP if you haven’t done so already. There are so many things that it could be as the symptoms can overlap. Is your little one still having good wet nappies?

@Deborah plenty wet nappy’s. Called GP today and to call again tomorrow morning to try get an appt 😭

We started using cow and gate carabel from the gp to thicken the milk along with infacol and i have taken my little one to an osteopath today shes alot more relaxed now hoping this will help xx

Mines on 7oz every 3 hours at 6 weeks old but hes a big baby was 10lbs

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