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Have you removed the dummy yet? How did that go? Any words of wisdom? How long till baby forgot about it? 🫣
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Following - I tried and completely failed, she cried and wouldn't settle at all 😫🫣

I gave her a little cuddly snuggle. To be honest we were very lucky and she settled. She woke a few times in the night. The next day we even managed to take the cuddly away too and now she settles herself.

The nursery is handling this 😅 without my knowledge, they started weaning her off the dummy but I still give it to her for night sleep. She looses it when she falls asleep but sometimes is looking for it when she wakes up disturbed. I could comfort her in other ways until she gets used to it but I'm in no hurry to do that 🫣

@Menna wow your nursery is brave hahaha mine would never do that of their own backs 😂

I’ve weaned my LG off her dummy in the daytime but still give it to her for night sleep. No clue how I’m gonna tackle that 😂

I took my twins dummies away a couple of months ago. I’m not going to lie, it was hard! They only ever had it for sleep anyway, but we just went cold turkey with them. The first couple of nights were really tough, but they got better each night after that and I would say by night 5, they were back sleeping as they were before. Good luck!! Xx

I removed it about 2 months ago as noticed when it fell out on a night she would just suck her thumb so I started only giving it at night, then I would hold off when I was settling her to sleep and if she started sucking her thumb then wouldn't bother. Suppose it's only useful if they are a thumb sucker though 😅 try not to stress, it won't be forever xx

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