My baby is 2 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed. I’ve just tried him with a dummy to see if he’d take it, which he actually has! I think the guidance is to wait until 6 weeks, does anyone know why? I’m new to dummies so any tips 😂
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Mainly so that you’ve established breastfeeding/your supply and aren’t missing hunger cues ☺️

I’ve just had to introduce one and my little on is 3 weeks, he does spit it out but he’s been in a lot of pain with colic so wanted to try a dummy instead of causing him more pain with feeding. He still feeds regularly though that’s the main thing.

@Danielle oh I see! He’s been gaining weight really well and feeding is going well too so I’d always offer the breast first so hopefully it’ll be ok x

Yeah as long as he’s gaining weight that’s the main thing 😁

You’ll be grand! I give my 4 week old EBF baby one too and she’s doing okay 🥰

@Paige I feel like this, we’re in a bit of a cycle where he’ll feed, then fall asleep but then wake up with trapped wind/needing to poo but then because he’s in pain I have to offer the breast and it keeps going round from there 😅 I’m hoping I can now feed and then offer a dummy and things might be a little easier x

I just cracked on from the start and she took Mam (doesn’t like others) no problem and no issue declining breast. As long as your baba is gaining it’s fine it will save your sanity many a time xx

Yeah it’s certainly a cycle, I didn’t realise it was this exhausting I’ve felt like giving up so many times but because he’s taken too the breast so well I don’t want to take that away from him xx

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