Struggling working full time and UC

I’m a single mum, I work full time and I own a shared ownership property. I’m fortunately entitled to some UC to help with childcare (two days a week, as 2 days sons dad family help) and the rent part of my property, however I’m really struggling to make ends meet. I pay the mortgage, top up of childcare and all other bills on my own. Is there anything else that can help? I’m actively trying to get a better paid job, although I don’t earn bad money now, and I’m aware the more money I earn the less UC I am entitled too. My son’s dad does help monthly as well. I had savings but they have been completely drained from both covering bills and giving myself a social life 😂 Has anyone been in a similar situation and is there any extra help?
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How old is your son? After 2 he should be eligible for 15 hours funding and when he’s 3 30 hours, u could look at your local council ? I also heard that soon the amount u can get paid before deductions from universal credit is going up that would help aswell xx

Try local council fund page if there are extras like bill top ups.. might have to recheck when winter comes in as my area stopped Feb.

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