Really sore throat

I'm about 7 weeks, I've had quite a bit of nausea but not actually been sick consistently yet. I'm noticing towards the end of each day my throat is in agony and it hurts to swallow. I can feel the right side is a bit enlarged as well, this has been happening on a off for a couple of weeks. I'm not sure if it's nausea related but has anyone else had this? I think I'll call the doctors tomorrow just to get it checked.
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Could it be hay fever? I have eczema and it has gotten so much worse since finding out I’m pregnant and I’m really not that stressed so maybe the hormones are making it worse. My hay fever has been bad too and I wake up with a sore throat every morning and convince myself I’m sick

Omg this is me

I’m 6+1 and I’ve noticed a sore throat today too!

@Lindsey I'm really not sure if I do ..I could do but I've never had the sore throat before, but I know pregnancy can bring on all sorts can't it!

@Cathy it's horrible isn't it! It's now sort of in my ear so I'll definitely be checking it out...

@Chloe oh no!! Maybe it is just a symptom that just happens!

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