Anyone else breastfeeding but baby does not get full with it? I'm trying to breastfeed during the day and I know my supply is good but not sure why baby is still hungry?? Does anyone else have the same problem
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This is completely normal. Babies cluster feed until feeding is established so baby will feed often

So because he's still hungry I give him formula to fill him up or he just cries, im not sure if this is the right thing to do

If you can, try and just feed feed feed on demand as it is his way of establishing your supply to how much he needs. So the more he feeds the more milk you will make to keep him full. The first few weeks can be tough

I’m just learning about cluster feeding with breast feeding as bottle fed my first. Mine does it 5-8 so right when it’s that evening runs for everyone and toddlers bedtime. I am giving formula after a while because still recovering from a c section and I struggle physically so need hubby to help. Midwives don’t recommend it as it can impact your supply coming but I know a lot of people that have done just 2/3oz of formula to help and also gets baby used to a bottle if you want the option of combi

Combination feeding is fine. I breastfeed but sometimes i give 2 oz of formula. Breast milk is thinner than formula so you’ll find yourself breastfeeding way more.. Are you pumping too?

Yeah im also pumping too

My LO’s pediatrician said that breastfeeding takes a lot of energy, so if you are pumping to feed for like 15 min on each boob and give a bottle to fill the baby. If you are pumping you are still making sure your supply is enough for your baby and your baby is getting enough food each feed

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