So bloated already!

What is this nonsense!?! How can I be this bloated at only 5 weeks! Nooo! How can I hide this?! 🤣😭
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Last week I looked 4 months pregnant, this week I’ve shrunk flat again. It’s the boobs I can’t disguise

Feel that!

I'm 7 weeks and look as big as I did when I was like 18-20 weeks with my son 😭 I work at a pool and really can't hide it in a swimsuit 😂😂

I’m 5 weeks and didn’t show this much in my first pregnancy until i was 16 weeks 🫠🫠🫠

With my second I was this size at around 10 weeks. With my first, I was about this size at 15 weeks. This third pregnancy is going to do a number on me, I can tell 🤣

I am so bloated too and only 5 weeks its perfectly normal

With my daughter I was so bloated from week 5-7 everyone used to joke that I was potentially having twins 😂 it eventually went away, I’m 4 weeks now and the bloats starting it’s more uncomfortable than anything

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