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I had the perfect sleeper…until 2 months ago. We tried improving her routine, we got her a new bed, we implemented stories before bed, stopped watching TV up to an hour before bed, we tried positively influencing bed time. When I say NOTHING works, I mean it. So I’m leaving her to cry it out now whilst watching her on the monitor. Even in the night, she’s wake 2-3 times, wanting milk, cuddles and not to sleep in the bed. I know this bad but I’ve had to get firm in telling her goodnight, it’s bed time and no, go to sleep. Tonight’s bedtime, I just left the room as I was fed up with waiting around for her to settle (we’d been trying to get her to settle for 30 minutes). I’ve now left the room, she cried for 5 minutes and she’s gone down. Sounds like a dream situation right? Well not really as this isn’t always the case. I’m posting because I’m seriously unsure if I have to re-sleep train my daughter? Help. This doesn’t feel like a phase. It feels like hell.
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Going through similar but instead our little girl goes off to sleep ok with in 20 mins of going down but then has split nights an is awake 3 hours in the middle of the night this happens about 4 times a week she is cutting canines but this has been going on months 🙈🤦🏻‍♀️ she was the perfect sleeper also an would sleep through in fact she slept right through from as early as 6 weeks but the last few months have been a battle 🥹 so no advice here but your so not alone we have tried every solution also. Its exhausting isn’t it 🥲xx

This happened to us went from 12 hours a night to wakening for 2-4 hours at night and not always unsettled most times was just chatting to himself and sitting up so when he wasn’t crying and seemed happy enough I wouldn’t go in and thought it would pass with stopping running in soons I heard him but it went on for a few months we would do bed time etc exactly how we always done it as like you say nothing else we tried was helping either he’s now not having split nights eventually but is sometimes about up to an hour to go sleep when he’d have fell over a lot quicker before but he’s not upset etc and if he is as soon as I’ve left the room he’s stopped being upset and stays in bed till he does go to sleep but he’s always went down without us in the room once he’s had his routine and some cuddles etc I come out and he lays till he goes to sleep 😴 I’d say just keep going it is very trying/tiring but you should hopefully come out the other end 🥰

As they approach 2 the back molars come in. Could it be that? Does she nap? What's the routine?

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