Broken steriliser

My steriliser has just decided to not want to work any more and I can’t get another one until Saturday. What’s the safest way to sterilise them before I run out of bottles and loose my mind 🙃😂
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can you get some Milton tablets. Just put one of them in cold water and sterilise them that way. x

Depending on where you are, I have an electric steriliser tommee tippee you’re more than welcome too x

Milton tablets or Milton solution in a sink with cold water is perfectly safe .

What bottles do you have? MAM and tommee tippee can be done in the microwave xx

If you can get to a shop Milton's tablets in your sink will do the job perfectly or boil the bottles if they're able to be boiled the manufacturer will have info on that and for how long xx

Boil them in a pan, just make sure they're below the water line so an upside down lid or something to keep them under. Some can be microwave sterilised too.

Came here to say pan boil for at least 5 minutes lol x

@Becky tommee tipped bottles! I was always a bit wary using a microwave - how do you do it? 🙈 xx

@Adelle thanks so much. But I’m in Devon so you quite far away but thank you hun x

@Becky they have to be the self sterilising ones, mine are hold on let me show you a picture of the vent they need to have otherwise they could melt xx

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