Anyone else’s LO just watch what you watch?😅😅

Currently watching Gordon Ramsey and my LO’s crib is just in front of the tv and he’s just non stop watch it 😅😅may have to have tv on for him while I do things coz he’s just enjoying himself 😅😅😅
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My 2 month old watches greys anatomy with me, she loves it

so far my 10 week old has watched all of Ted Lasso, The Rookie and How I Met Your Mother 🤣 she loves it

Big bang theory on repeat, mind you i watched it my whole pregnancy so he must be use to the theme tune 🤣🤣

I rewatched Game of Thrones, The Good Doctor and am making my way through Sex and the City. My son is transfixed with the TV 😂

@Jess my 2 month old watches it with me too! 🤣

We’ve been watching the walking dead and he seems to like the movement on the screen obviously when he’s old enough to understand more we won’t watch that sort of thing around him but at the moment it’s just colour and movement

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