UC appointment.

On the 27th I’d be 29 weeks I would have reached the not looking for work they booked me and appointment on the 28th I made them aware of that, they’ve now removed it and changed it too 22nd a 5 day difference I don’t seems to understand all this. I did write in my journal letting them know I won’t be turning up as I have an appointment.
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They’ve booked me an appointment I’ll be 34weeks I have messaged to let them know and they’ve said I’ve still got the attend

Have you given them your mat b form?

@Charlotte I don’t understand what a 34 week pregnant lady wants to do at the job centre tbh

Yes I gave them it at 20weeks

I really don’t understand what they want from us

I had this, it's probably to confirm you no longer need to look for work and when they'll contact you again if needed, which I was told when baby is about 1yrs old. X

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