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I don’t even want to be thinking about this now but I’ve been crying on and off all day because I have to return to work next month due to finances and I’m absolutely heartbroken that I have to leave my baby so young. I’ve been into work a few days already and I keep getting people saying “ oh your back already, you only just left” and it’s making it worse. Is anyone else returning to work earlier than they planned? Baby will be 5 months
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Hey ! I’m returning back to work in September , so my little one will be about six months by then . I’m going straight back to full time but can work from home three days a week . Are you able to phase return or are you jumping straight back in ? Either way , you’re not the only person and it doesn’t make you any less of a mother for going back before 12 months . We all have bills to pay . Thinking of you ❤️

Hey! I completely sympathise with what you’re going through. I’m having to go back to work on Monday due to finances as well. My baby has just turned 3 months and it’s heartbreaking but it’s more important that I keep a roof over our heads with food on the table

I’m the same too well I’m already back but the mum guilt is the worst but the time we are back together is even more special. You’ve got this xx

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