Son is getting very bad with hitting, he has always been fairly bad with biting, hitting, scratching but he nearly stopped doing it but lately if we get in the way of playing with something or give him an instruction he doesn’t want to do he hits me, like violent hitting. It’s embarrassing. In public. We obviously say gentle hands, try to remove him but in public that isn’t always possible so I end up getting punched in the face. I don’t see other toddlers doing this. I feel like my son is aggressive and I don’t know how I’ve encouraged it. Please help!
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Following. My sons like this when he’s tired normally but god dam it’s awful sometimes and awkward in public. Normally I get a hot wheels car to the head 🙃

https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6rhKftSJwE/?igsh=MWdzMmMwaGZ6bDl2OA== I don’t know if that’s helpful I literally just saw it this afternoon x

I have one twin in particular doing this. I hadn't even opened my eyes and had both kicking and hitting me. Grrrrr!!!!!

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