Teething baby

Hey there, my baby is teething and really fussy.. seems to be close to the breakthrough of the teeth. I’ve tried teething gel, teething toys, but nothing seems to really help. I give her Tylenol when it gets too much, but I don’t want to keep giving her Tylenol. Any recommendations? Her sleep quality got way worse and she kept waking me up every hour tonight. Thanks in advance - sincerely a mom who desperately needs some sleep. 🫠
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Cute PJs 🥺 Unfortunately in the same boat but no suggestions… I’ve heard freezing milk into little ice cube / popsicle trays can help but I haven’t really figured out the logistics of that (I’m kind of afraid she would choke?)

@ana yeah love the grinch ☺️ yeah I’m also afraid my girl would choke on those 🥺

@Estelle I will check with my pediatrician, thank you 🙏🏼

@Ashley can you also do that with formula? I lost my milk supply and feeding her exclusively formula since a short time ago. 🥺

@Nadine yes, absolutely!

Tbh I know it sucks to do Tylonol, but do the Tylonol. As long as you are following dose and time frame babe will be ok and will be ok. Otherwise any jelly or water teether frozen helps too. It's a though time, but everything will be ok, it's the start if a long process...

@Isabella ok, thank you. 😊

@ana hi Ana, I saw a trick where you fill a bottle nipple with milk and freeze that.

@ana can we freeze formula?

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