Boobie Advice please DESPRETE😭

Ive got a really really sore hard like area behind my right nipple 😭 it’s so so uncomfortable especially without a bra it rubs on anything I’m in agony. I don’t breastfeed I tried the first day baby was born but it didn’t happen for us. Anyone know what it could be?? I’ve had hot showers I’ve placed frozen pees on it which helps the pain for a little while but comes back soon enough. I don’t want to squeeze it it’s too damn sore😭 Any help please before I go to the doctor? Thanks❤️
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It could still be a blocked duct even when not feeding. Definitely go to your GP to ask advice but in the meantime try some gentle massages as much as you can handle. Recent advice for mastitis and blocked ducts is not to use hot or cold treatment just massages and expressing x

@Georgia thanks for the advice How do I still get a blocked duct if i don’t breastfeed? I don’t need to do the expressing part no? Just massages? What causes it so I can’t let it happen again?😭 Thanks I’ll go to doctors tomorrow xx

Im not too sure of the full details but I know women can get them at any time throughout our lives not just when breastfeeding. My friend had it in college and she had no kids. I only know the treatment advice changed as I'm breastfeeding and it's been mentioned by lactation specialists. I wouldn't express until speaking to doctor just gently massage xx

I personally found cold compress helped but if its really painful I'd seek advice from GP

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