Refusing finger foods/any BLW

My little girl is now 9 and a half months - we started weaning about 6.5 months & she’s doing great (never refuses any food I give her) but will not feed herself/pick up or eat any finger food at all. I feel like I’ve tried everything from toast, to cucumber to melty sticks to rusks, carrots, broccoli etc but she’s not interested. She will sit & play with the food but it will never go near her mouth. When I make her meals I blend them for around 5 seconds so they’re chunky & spoon feed her. I honestly don’t mind feeding her in the slightest but should I be worried that she’s not eating herself? I’m worried that she doesn’t have the ability to chew if that makes sense? She’s got 4 teeth so far. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated ❤️
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They do have to learn to chew, but if you’re giving her chunky purées then I’m sure she chews somewhat? But probably will be a bit of an adjustment when she does eventually have proper solids. But they all learn eventually and at their own pace. I wouldn’t worry too much. Have you spoke to a HV about it they might have some suggestions to help? Does she bring other things to her mouth? Like a toys or bottle etc

My baby was very similar, and it was frustrating because all other objects would go straight in her mouth! she has quite recently figured it out - to encourage her I started holding food upto her mouth to try, eating a bit myself then offering it, until she finally started trying to feed herself. No idea if that made a difference or if she would have done it anyway though. The first foods she successfully self fed with were those little flavoured rice cakes and baby wafers, then toast fingers, I think because they are light and easy to hold. She can do fruits and veg now but looking back I don’t think she could manipulate them

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