Recommendations for proper walking shoes

People have recommendeded Clarks, barefoot and Bobux ? How do I pick? I want them protective but cool like sandal trainers ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Do I just measure his feet or is it better to go somewhere to measure them? No idea where to start ... My son is 13 months and very active
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Take to Clarks to get measured. Xx

We took my baby boy to Clarks to get measured and bought off of vinted. Even the lady in the shop said for how long they are in the shoes for before they need bigger and to spend the money on We are better off looking 2nd hand

Same as Laura said. I got them measured and then did it at home to see if I get the same and to know for the future. Then got some off vinted - some brands might not fit well, so I wouldn't wanna spend loads of money at first. We have a pair of Clarks, they're okay. Have 3 pairs of Bobux and I really like them (already got bigger size). Still use dotty fish (leather moccasin if she needs 'slippers')

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