Babies first shoes 👟

Hey mums, Can anyone recommend a good first shoe please for my little one? I think she’s going to be walking anytime soon and want something that isn’t going to damage or squash her feet Thank you x
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Startrite x

Start rite or clarkes depending on foot size xx


Clarkes for sure! They have 3 stages and first stage really taught my LO how to walk so independently 😊

Clarks here too

NHS recommend not to buy shoes until your little one has mastered walking in their own . We waited until he was walking for about 8 weeks 😃

We started with Inch Blue to get a confidence amd then switched for Clarks first walkers


We waited until our LO had mastered walking, and then took him to Clarks. They was fab, measured him and he tried a few different pairs on 😊

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