Funny feeling In throat

Hi ladies please don’t judge on this post looking for advice, I smoke weed I am currently 13 and a half weeks pregnant. I got a scan last week and baby was healthy. I have a funny feeling in my throat as if somethings stuck it’s not sore just feel somethings there and it’s annoying me. Does anyone else have this?
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Maybe a small piece of flower is in your throat?

What do you mean?

My advice is to stop— no judgements. I love my weed. Still, not enough research to make it worth the risk. Past that, this sounds potentially medical, so next best advice is to see a doctor if it continues.

Thanks do u smoke weed while pregnant

@Beth Hendry I didn’t touch it while pregnant. I smoked a lot beforehand, but I didn’t want to risk it. I had two previous miscarriages, so i stopped for pregnancy.

Did you get this feeling in ur throat ??

@Beth Hendry like sometimes when you smoke, a piece of weed will get in your mouth. But if you don’t feel or taste it, it could go to your throat. But i didn’t smoke while pregnant, i stopped before i got pregnant. I agree with @Tatia since you are pregnant. You don’t wanna risk anything ya know

I suppose so yes thanks ladies I will phone the docs in the morning about this

Could just be that you’re a bit more dehydrated which is causing the throat (feels like a tickle, right?) just try sipping on more water to increase your hydration and hopefully it will go away x

I’ve actyally just spewed and it’s went away a wee bit nah it feels more like something stuck in throat x

Mucus I got mucus rlly bad my first half of my pregnancy

I smoked my entire pregnancy she was born 1 day early 7 pounds 9 ounces no complications beautiful delivery my doctor knew because if I didn't I physically could not eat drink anything

I have had this issues and it was close to tonsil stones or something similar to it, you should be ok. I would just talk to the doctor about it, maybe they can look at your throat.

@Tatia I would agree with you but everyone I’ve ever talked to from different states to multiple different countries have all smoked and came out with healthy kids. I wouldn’t put your opinion out there about that kind of thing when she asked people not to.

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