how do you finally let go.

being pregnant and having a baby is the one the I wanted from life for so many years. I’m finally pregnant (6 months) and my bd has literally cheated on me the entire pregnancy whether it be just texting women or actually meeting up with people. He’s ruined my entire experience of my first pregnancy. I’m 10+ hours away from family and my hometown and I feel so alone. I keep forgiving and wanting things to work out because I love him but it’s just not changing. I feel so weak bc I just keep forgiving him and won’t let him go. When will I have enough. How do I just call it quits. Anytime I try to I just end up taking him back. I literally hate life right now.
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You can private message me girl ❤️❤️ I don’t want to share publicly but if I could give you any form of advice you want to leave if he’s not changing because he’s so comfortable with you taking him back it’s so hard to heal after child birth and with postpartum with a partner like this choose your mental health and baby trust me

Get him out from the house! If you’re still their this means you still didn’t get to the limit. This is not a healthy relationship.take care of your coming baby!

pregnant or not, there is someone out there willing to give you and your child the world! I was in a very similar situation. I left when my baby was 3 months old. I'm now married for 5 years with an almost 2 year old, and my first born calls my husband dad. he's all she has ever known as a father, and he treats her like his own! You both deserve the world!

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