Baby back to back

Anyone else’s baby back to back at 35 weeks ? Midwife has said he might move he might not but my anxiety is now through roof as said it means more painful hands on labor likely to need more intervention / assisted delivery … I said I’d much rather have a planned section if this is the case !
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I’m in the same boat, my girl has been Sunny side up since 30 weeks, I’m now 38+2. She hasn’t flipped. I’ve been planning on an Unmedicated vaginal this whole time I just worry how it’s going to affect her coming out.

Ditto my little girl is back to back, my midwife has suggested bouncing on the ball, looking at the spinning babies website, she says crawling around on all fours, and sitting backwards on chairs

@Baylee have you tried any of the stuff of spinning babies?

@Gabriela all I’ve ever heard to help was bouncing. I’m on my yoga ball 25/8. That and regular stretching is all I’ve tried and she’s being a hit stubborn

They thought my baby was back to back at 36 weeks and she just basically suggested trying not to lean back that much, to try sit forward as much as I could. I lean back a lot so would sit on the sofa and lean forward with the soles of my feet touching each other until I got sore. Also bouncing on the ball (I haven’t bothered with mine this time round though). I did also ask her if this means there’s more chance of me needing a C-section or interventions - she said no. More than likely just a longer labour and more back pain during labour, as baby has to turn more to get out. Although when you google it, it suggests different. But she did say she wasn’t really concerned as this is my second pregnancy

My first labour was back to back. My contractions were more in my bum than my back, I wasn’t able to sit on my bum during labour. However, I laboured unmedicated apart from gas and air until 9cm dilated. Unfortunately due to other issues, I ended up with an emergency c section however, by the time he was delivered, he had turned himself and was facing the correct way.

My first daughter was back to back. I still birthed naturally with no complications or anything

My son was back to back we realised at 10cm, we were unfortunate as we had failed forceps and a C-section. My C-section recovery was really good and in hindsight I would skips the forcep attempt xx

Our baby was back to back. I was induced so contractions were tough & I had an epidural (which was the best thing EVER) but I still managed to get on all fours in labour and she turned, which meant I dilated from 5cm to fully dilated in an hour! And we had a vaginal delivery. I tried all the stuff before- not resting back, swimming, forwards and open all the time but she still didn’t want to turn til the last minute 🤷‍♀️ the midwife told me before that they usually turn in labour - and she was right!

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