Is anyone a civil servant and had issues with requesting part time hours?

Can they refuse the request?
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I am, I haven’t requested part time hours but was reading our guidance yesterday and if you want a special working arrangement it says they will try put it in place you just need to give your manager enough notice to try work it out. I am doing a phased return but same hours as before so can’t comment on what they are like with them requests x

I am also a civil servant, I’m not too sure on the policies but in my particular role I am aware that it cannot be done on any less than about 25 hours / 3 days a week but aware that’s role specific. I intend on returning 4 days a week (30 hours) and no issues raised by my manager

I am and I've requested compressed hours, working 4 longer days and having the Monday off and it was accepted. When you applied, can you remember if the advert said you could work full-time or part-time?

Good idea I’ve not checked my terms of reference I will double check. I had a first KIT day today so mentioned my plan I want to do 32 hours, my manager said she would check but that they are busy and relying on me being back. I just thought it was a given we could request part time. I’m not actually back till September so feel like it’s enough notice but will see what happens xx

I honestly don't see why going down to 35 hours is an issue. It's not like you want to cut right down to say 16 or 20. Are you just wanting to do shorter days? Also, they are always harping on about flexi working so fingers crossed, it'll be fine 🙂

No very true, I have asked to drop a Monday. Yeah this is what I mean their selling point is flexible working 🤣 fingers crossed! Thank you xx

Flexible working just came into law so they’ll need a very good reason to refuse.

I haven't gone to part time hours, but I've had my contract changed to say I can work longer days and have a day off every other week. I had to put in a justification for why I wanted it, how it wouldn't negatively impact the business and what would happen if something needed to be done when I wasn't there

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