How to say no to going to parties postpartum?

Hi everyone! Just coming here for some advice. I’m due June 3 with my first baby. My doctor will induce me at 41 weeks if I don’t give birth yet so my baby should be here by June 10 or so. My cousins are graduating and having a huge joint graduation party. The ceremony is an hour away on May 25 when I’m almost 39 weeks. I really don’t want to attend because I’m terrified of going into labor far away. The graduation party, which is going to be huge (like 100+ people) is June 15. My cousin messaged me saying she put me down for three (me my husband and baby). How do I tell her that I really don’t want to attend freshly postpartum with a newborn? There’s going to be a loud Banda and I don’t want my baby’s ears to hurt or her to get sick.
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I am also due June 3rd and funny enough I have a family reunion on may 25th and a cousins wedding shower on June 15th both of which I have already said no to lol For may 25th, I told them I will he too far along to be comfortable with being so far away from my hospital so I will have to pass. For the shower they don't expect me to make it honestly like yours does but I would just tell them exactly that, as much as I would love to be there it will be too soon after the baby is born for me to be comfortable taking baby around so many people.

I’m also due June 3rd and have a friend getting married on June 15th and simply responded no to the RSVP. Don’t overthink it!

Just tell her you won’t be going because you’ll be recovering from giving birth. Send her something nice and thank her for the invite. Baby wouldn’t even have his first shots by then and you know everyone will be hovering.

Easy. Life is simple. Tell her I’m sorry, I really wish I could make it but I want to take it easy for a bit after giving birth and I’m not comfortable bringing the baby around so many people so soon. Don’t want to risk them getting sick.

Just tell her I’m sorry but we will not be attending as the baby will be 5 days old. You don’t want your baby around 100 people at that age and you and your husband will be sooo tired.

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