Sleep regression again!?

Anyone’s little one having a sleep regression that only affects the second nap and bedtime!? My boy will be one in a couple weeks and for the last two weeks we’ve had trouble with taking forever to settle for his second nap and bedtime when usually he’s a good sleeper. His teeth are coming in at the top which isn’t helping but I know it’s more separation anxiety/emotional because whenever I or my partner go Up there he’s happy and laughing at us 😂🥴 I know it’ll go eventually and to stay consistent like all the other regression but just need to know I’m not alone in the thick of it 😂 x
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I mean I think there is a regression around this age but it sounds more like sleep needs have dropped? Maybe he’s starting the transition to 1 nap x

Defo not alone! Since my LO turnt 11 months it’s like something changed and we’ve been fighting it ever since. I had just got him sleeping through as well 😅🫠

My little one is 1 today and has been doing this for a couple of weeks. Some days still on 2 naps and others refuses one of them so I’m assuming he needs to drop a nap at some point soon!

Nap refusal is normal at this age just persevere most likely still needs 2 naps just regression. Currently having to lie my daughter backdown about 15 times for 2nd nap 🫠 Also having to lie her back down 🫠

Yeah it’s so confusing isn’t it! The second nap seems to have sorted its self out, he was back to normal Routine yesterday and today but bedtime is still a fight! Reluctant To put him to bed later because I don’t want him to get used to that time! 😂 xx

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