I was just wondering how everyone is gonna get there dummies off there little ones my little girl will only have hers at bed time she left it at Nursey yesterday and we couldn’t fine the spare so I just thought maybe it’s the right time to get rid off it but I am just wondering how everyone is doing it and what they giving instead my little girl didn’t have it yesterday for bed but then we had to lie with her and the same again tonight any advice as I don’t wanna go back to having to be lying with her every night
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We’re on day 3 of our second attempt and it’s going well. She goes to bed with her bunny, a book, a little nightlight and her water bottle. At first there was a lot of crying. I’d leave her 1 minute before going in and comforting. Then 2 mins, then 3 mins. Only going in if she needs me. She’s now sleeping the night without her dummy, which is a damn miracle as the girl was an addict. It’s just taking her a little longer to drop off than usual and she’s waking a little earlier too. But I’m hoping that’ll return to normal once the dummies are a distant memory!

We did it at 18 months because she was wanting it more and more so we just went cold turkey, we had a couple of nights of her crying, we was in and out the room every 5 minutes settling her for a good hour before she fell asleep both nights, but then nothing she just forgot about it xx

We got rid at about 20months. He had hand, foot and mouth so he was rejecting so we decided to go with that time. Couple of nights of really awful sleep but then he got used to it so quickly. X

We limited it to bed time only at 12 months and then Around 13 months we iust went cold turkey and stopped giving it to her. She was too young to ask for it so she knew no different. X

We went cold Turkey just over a week ago, it was very sad to see him ask for his dummy and run to the kitchen, then cry upstairs after his book and then hear him on the monitor in the morning looking under his bed, but tonight he didn’t ask and no crying 🥲 We let him take a car to bed with him, as he is car obsessed.

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