Do you get diagnosed for HG or you assume you have it?

I'm 6weeks pregnant, second pregnancy. Since ince last Saturday I'm vomiting almost every time I eat or drink, can barely keep food down and super tired. I already lost 2kg .I'm going to hospital tomorrow but was wondering how you know you have HG compared to "normal" morning sickness ....I wasn't that sick for my first
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I was diagnosed with it when I went to the hospital after throwing up non stop, does sound like you have it though! :(

It sounds like you have it, I was diagnosed at the hospital. They did a urine test and I had high levels of ketones in my wee along with a lot of weight loss because of constant sickness and nausea.

Diagnosed and only because my doctor had it and recognized early signs. Got me on meds immediately and I have never had to go to the hospital because I got early intervention which is extremely rare. Most docs will discount you and it takes you losing a lot of weight or going to the hospital to diagnose so I encourage you to push for it if you’re constantly sick, constantly nauseous (normal morning sickness is not all day nausea- there is a point in the day where a woman feels “better” but with HG you won’t have that), gagging, there’s many forms and it’s not the same for all. The point I’m making is advocating for yourself so you can get the proper care

Sounds like you have it ☹️ as a first HG, second pregnancy mama (have a 2.5 year old and due in July) praying for you. It’s been so hard for me because most had it first time it hit me out of left field. I’m 32 weeks now still nauseous but vomitting slowed, you got this- take care of yourself 💜

Thank you all....I was afraid to admit I might have it, I'll see what the doc says, I just can't keep on going like this, with work and taking care of my 3yo it's impossible, fortunatelymy husband help a lot. I can't enjoy this pregnancy😥 are all warriors to go through this

Thanks....I'm back from hospital, trying another medicine, they didn't say HG though, just slightly dehydrated....hopefully that medicine will help ....I was supposed to go to a wedding abroad tomorrow 😪

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