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I received a letter yesterday to book in for a smear test, and I am absolutely shitting it. Nor do I want to go. I had such a traumatic pregnancy/birth, and I thought I was done with people poking around down there. I genuinely think I had PSD about it, and thinking about it is making me panic. Has anyone had a smear since baby was born? How was it? I know I sound ridiculous.
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I had one in February so roughly 5 months postpartum and honestly it was way better than I thought it would be. It was only slightly uncomfortable afterwards but during I hardly felt anything and I was super nervous beforehand but the nurse was very good at talking through everything before we got started

@Stephanie Thank you for this! Just eugh you know 🤣

I had one in January, 4 months postpartum, I was so nervous about it after giving birth but the nurse was really lovely and it was over so quickly 🥰 you can do it ! xx

It's never a pleasent experience but mine was litterally over in about 5 seconds. I was amazed how quick she was!

Other than what others have said, the only thing that I can say that may help is the nurses have clinics and appointment times and they are literally given 15-20mins in total to see you, that includes getting you in, talking to you, doing it and then cleaning up ect after you've left the room, it's quick and doesn't last more than a couple of mins! Tell the nurse as soon as you go in what you're worried about, and the more specific you can be the better, then she knows how best to support you :)

Thank you everyone this has really helped!

Also had one 4 months PP and was way less uncomfortable than the one I had before being pregnant, over and done with very quick

I had 1 12 weeks after my baby was born it’s literally takes minutes but can I just say please go my 1st smear when I was 25 came back with stage 3 pre cancerous cells which I had to have a loop biopsy for (they cut them out) and since then every smear I have had has come back clear and I never miss 1 as I think if I didn’t go because I was so scared which I was what might of happened I can’t think about. You can take a friend or family and tell the nurse your really scared and they’ll do everything they can to help xxx

I had one 7 months PP after a traumatic birth. Felt exactly the same but was actually fine! No pain just discomfort like normal

I had mine on Tuesday was completely fine 😊 if anything the nurse made me laugh because she said I had a lovely cervix 😂😂 xx

I had one last week .it's not a pleasant experience but it has to be done to double check if there is anything there .I would rather sit through that than leave it to find later something was wrong and gotten worse

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