Anyone else’s baby’s not do good on breast milk?

So I’m almost switched over to formula and my baby is so much more calm and happy on my milk she was so gassy and screamed for hours i just want to know if anyone was in the same boat as me i think it’s interesting because ppl say breast is best but that wasn’t the case for my baby fed is definitely best
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Probably had an allergy to something you were eating or your let down was too fast. I had to cut out dairy and haaka before baby ate to stop the gas and fus. The second part gets better when they get older.

@Caitlin At what age did you make the switch? My almost 5 weeks has the same issue but the pediatrician said it will get better by 8 weeks of age.

5 weeks i wanted to wait but she was in so much pain i couldn’t wait any longer so i got the nutrigem hypoallergenic formula and she has been 100 percent better and happier and just more comfy she went from sleeping for 15-20 min at a time to sleeping 6 hours at night it’s like coming up for air when your drowning


Definitely sounds like an allergy. My friend dealt with the same thing and ever since she went dairy-free her daughter has been soo much better with her breast milk . But that is a huge commitment to completely change your diet. I don’t know if I could do it honestly 😅

@Caitlin Thank you for sharing! Our situation isn’t that bad but I will keep this in mind for sure

I experienced this before, my son ended up having colic + acid reflux. So I’m not sure if it was breast of those two things mixing together.

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