Hi! I’m only 6 weeks pregnant and have been having sharp stabbing pains in my lower (like almost into my vagina) right abdomen. I haven’t had any bleeding, but I am feeling very anxious and would really really value any input ❤️ could it be my uterus starting to expand at such an early stage?!
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I had all sorts of pains early on and bleeding. Currently Sat here with my 13 week old baby :) it’s not always sinister xx

I did too, I had them for most of my pregnancy too x

I did too! It was so scary, because you’re made out to believe any pain is something serious but I got lots of period style cramping to start with and then the further I go it was sharp pains in my abdomen/lower sides which was round ligament pain x

@Chantelle yes exactly, it’s really freaked me out, but I’m so encouraged to hear that I’m not alone with it! Do you mind me asking when the sharper pains started for you? I’m 6 weeks which still feels a bit early for ligament pain?! X

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