My LG is 7 and half months I was just wondering do people still sterilise the bottles?
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Yes absolutely. Any time formula is involved, it needs sterilising until they’re 12 months and transitioned onto cows milk. I’ll continue sterilising until my LB is fully transitioned, so hopefully in October :)

It's the bacteria in formula you're protecting them from by sterilising so it's important to do this as long as they're on formula.

Awesome thankyou I though so but I got told you didn't have to after 6 months

@Deyarna ah sadly whoever told you that wrong. I know the babies lick everything in sight etc now so they’re exposed to more germs but household bacteria is wildly different to the bacteria in formula. They can get very poorly from the formula bacteria if it’s not sterile/prepped properly etc so not worth the risk I’d say xx

@Becca believe it or not it was someone who works in a daycare ( not the one my little girl goes to ) but thank God if she is giving that advice out xx


We, in France don't automatically sterilize bottles :) We would if we left the milk in it for too long but otherwise nope! My baby is well!

I stopped sterilising at 6 months and my boy is perfectly healthy. There is so much conflicting information, just do whats right for you x

I stopped sterilising at 6 months with my last 2 babies. . This time round I'm still sterilising bottles but tbh when I'm out and about then I add powder to cool boiled water so 🤷 I don't sterilise her beaker or spoons etc

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