Hands and feet swollen after flight

I’m not sure if I should worry but after my flight and my hands and feet are a little swollen, I’ll be 24 weeks tomorrow (Friday) so I’m not sure if it’s normal or not, should I worry or be fine? I’m out of state and don’t go back home until next Wednesday. Pics in the comments
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It is not uncommon to experience swelling on flights, even as a non-preggo. Gets worse the longer the flights are. I would look at ordering compression socks for the return flight if you can. Make sure you're drinking water throughout the flight, and getting up to move more than you usually would

Wouldn’t worry! Very normal during pregnancy just try to keep your feet elevated, drink lots of water, and you can even massage for better circulation:)

Just flew back from Mexico this Monday and my feet got swollen specially at night. I asked my doctor yesterday and she said it’s normal. They finally stopped swelling today.

Try wearing compression socks on your return flight

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