Gestational Diabetes

Has anyone been diagnosed with GD and a little unsure why🤣? I know that sounds really daft and obviously the test must have shown something but since I got my monitor last week my levels are always very normal, I didn’t do my GD friendly food shop till last night so I was just eating what I had in ie bread, pasta, wraps, fruit, little bit of chocolate here and there etc and all my results are between 4.2 and 5.9, I test bang on 2 hours after Iv started a meal as I set an alarm and always wash my hands etc but I’m beginning to feel like Iv either been misdiagnosed or doing something wrong🤣🤣🤣
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2 hours after? That’s strange I was told an hour before and an hour after!xx

@Courtney Iv to check 4 times a day, first thing in the morning then 2 hours after the start of each meal xx

Interesting! They must tell people different times according to individual needs then or maybe my hospital is shite which it is 😂 I’ve only had my diagnosis about a week now, my results are low too but haven’t had a review yet I know sometimes they can misdiagnose xx

Yeah mine is 1 hour after meals, so is my friends and she is a different trust! It can change though, when I first was diagnosed I had really steady bloods, 4 weeks later I was on maximum metformin and insulin, I think it can be very up and down! Xx

Yeh I was diagnosed xx I have to take my blood sugar 5 times a day before breakfast after breakfast before lunch and after then after evening meal and before bed im on Insulin and metformin x it's wild

Blood test tomorrow, I’m scared 😖

I didn’t realise two hours after meals for testing was a thing - my trust does 1 hour after too

I’m on the GD uk page and saw a lot of people on that are 1hr so I asked my consultant and she just said well we do 2hrs🤣 I would like to do a 1hr to see if it’s any different but because my monitors linked to that app I don’t want loads of random readings on it🤦🏼‍♀️ Iv noticed my fasting and after meal numbers are different to some other peoples also, my fasting has to be under 5.5 and after meals under 7 whereas Iv seen fasting under 6 and after meals under 7.8, it’s all very strange, in I’m Glasgow so still nhs but seems to be different across the board xx

I had a visit to the diabetic clinic yesterday and my blood sugar was 4.2 an hour after eating a cheese and onion sandwich, packet of crisps and a chocolate eclair so I'm also wondering how on earth I tested positive for it 😂😂 I didn't get to see my doctor as I collapsed due to very low blood pressure so ended up being rushed to a+e, but I have another appointment with the diabetic consultant tomorrow so hopefully she can give me more of an insight x

I’ve been told to test 15 minutes after waking and 1 hour after finishing my 3 main meals.

Ive had GD in pregnancy 1&3 i can eat and drink basically anything with no effect on my numbers. Only my fasting numbers are slightly high x

@Ebony-Rose this is the same as me, but my fastings are really high still on insulin and maximum metformin. Looking at being induced at 37 weeks. X

I'm exactly the same. Since failing the test I have done over 40 tests at home ans always 4.1 - 5.1 at the 2 hour mark after eating

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